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Maui Moisture

Project Type

Branding, graphic design, packaging design


December 2023


Art director, graphic designer, concept developer

Introducing the Maui Rebrand, a fictional project that focuses on re-designing and rebranding Maui Moisture haircare made for curly hair. This project aims to give the brand a fresh look and feel, including a new logo, font, packaging, colors, and brand identity, in a style that is equally vibrant to the original, but now also exudes modernity, exclusivity, and playfulness. Maui rebrand will also launch a local haircare campaign to resonate with the target demographic (women with curly, wavy, coiled or dry hair), on a national and global scale.

The concept and marketing of "Made with Aloe, for every curl" will give the brand a simpler, softer, and exclusive feel. The purpose is to increase brand awareness, include a sense of community for all curly-haired girls, and spark curiosity about the Maui Moisture rebrand.


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