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Maui Rebrand

Project type



December 2023


Graphic Designer

Introducing the Maui Rebrand, a fictional project that focuses on re-designing and rebranding Maui Moisture. This project aims to give the brand a fresh look and feel, including a new logo, font, packaging, colors, and brand identity, while also launching a local haircare campaign to resonate with the target demographic on a national and global scale.

The recent project named Maui Rebrand introduces the concept "Made of Aloe, for every curl" to build brand awareness through an updated look, feel, and tone of voice of Maui Moisture. While it already is a beloved brand by many and has an established background and target audience, the new concept will reach beyond that target audience and attract new, curious customers in the northern. This project is designed to reinvigorate the brand and expand its reach to new customers.

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